Game Theory and Alien Contact

If aliens have yet to contact us, the question as as plagued astronomers as to why. The three main approaches: that warp is impossible, that civilizations go extinct after a short duration, and that they deliberately do not interact with us pose numerous questions that can be answered through the economic and historical lenses of […]

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Economics of Space Mining

When humanity reaches out into the stars, the question is how will we get to them? According to the discussions on why alien life has yet to contact us, one theory is that Intersolar travel is so difficult and uneconomical that nobody has ever tried it.   The most promising and immediately available approach to […]

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Problems with habitability on Venus   Scientists speculate that there may once have been life on Venus. Recent discoveries prove that there is deuterium in Venus’s atmosphere, residue from traces of water which for temperature reasons is no longer on the planet surface. However, there are a variety of other factors which are necessary to […]

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Why no outer systems probes?

    Neptune and Uranus have been notoriously scant in terms of exploration, with only distant probes sent to take pictures of objects in the areas.t despite having great technological capacity, the united states and foreign governments still haven adventured out to send more probes. This concerns the value of these pacts as well as […]

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Seeing the fourth dimension?

  The theory of the four dimensional universe claim that the inverse is curved ever so slightly but it is invisible to the human eye, and comes back to an initial spot once one has travelled a significant enough distance. It represents the universe as a balloon – constantly expanding.   The theory also claims […]

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The Changing Nature of Science

The nature of science has changed over time, even during the foundations of the practice. One of the most iconic advocates for science him in history has entered the mythos of scientific activism in a world surrounded by Church-patronized theorists following thousand-year-old models is Galileo Galilei Lynceo. A closer analysis of the myth however proves […]

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